Tuesday, January 25, 2011

baby eaters

can you eat a baby fetus and relish it?

according to the report of seoul times(2009)... in china human fetus is served as a food for nourishment.  in the article it is written that  baby herbal soup increases overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance. 

and this business of selling unborn babies is gaining popularity and requirements.Why?  who will be going to take stand against of it?

according to the liberal's statement... any woman can offer her fetus for a meal.  she has to arrange things of her own for the abortion. It is just that no one can force her to offer her fetus ...but this is disgusting.

this is really disgusting ...

plz spread this to make people aware of this fact.
this can help to realize the culprits that they are doing very bad thing for mere sake of a piece of meat.
god has given many other things to humans to enjoy and to feed them selves!

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