Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are eggs vegetarian?

vegeterian products are only those which are produced through trees or fruits...not those which are produce by animal beings
these are clearly produced by hens...which have all five senses...i.e...they can hear,see,smell,taste and touch.

it is always an issue of argument that if eggs are veg they can not give birth to anything. as it is in case of milk.
 but eggs are product of the sexual organ of the increased in size because of the development happens inside it.

 Therefore, it is alive. so we can not treat it as life less.

 the traders of eggs might thinks that they have covered the whole population of meat eaters...and they can not increase their sale further they might have spread the rumour that eggs are vegetarian!

 now they need to enter the veg market with the help of eggs!

 and they spread the rumor that egg is vegetarian

here are some pictures that how an egg evolves into chickens.

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