Wednesday, November 16, 2011

life of a stripper-5

They were not forced into it

 Most of the participants in the study reported that they actively chose to enter the profession and were lured by the potential of making good money while having an accommodating work schedule that would allow them to attend school or raise children at the same time.

 Researchers learned that there are plenty of women eager to get into the industry, refuting the stereotypical assumption that women who become strippers are forced into it and have no other choice

 Many of them are making a carefully considered decision to become a stripper, and that’s something men should know.
They make more money than you think
It is often stated that women turn to stripping because they are attracted to the kind of money they can earn. Results of the University of Leeds study indicate that the average take-home pay for a stripper is £232 ($358 USD) per night. A stripper can make as much as £48,000 or $74,000 USD annually, as much as the average computer programmer or university professor and more than a registered nurse earns in the United States per year. Strippers also spend far fewer hours on the job than many people with mainstream careers.